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July, 1999
Good afternoon ladies & Gentlemen.  My name is Jon Schultz, and I’m the President of the Beach Cities Mustang Club... I’m honored that Lynda has asked me to say a few words.

Nabil and Lynda Habash are members of my Club.  He was “Bill” to us....and he was my good friend.

Bill was our club’s first Sgt.-at-arms.  Seeing the need for a position I had never heard of, he created and defined that position, and immediately he was an invaluable part of our organization.  He was always lend a hand or an encouraging word.

When Bill was well, he was always around, and a friend to everyone in the club.  When Bill was ill, he was severely missed.  Several times, we waited for Bill to get better so he could come out and play. 

Just as he was, with my club, by looking out at the number of folks here today, I suspect that he was involved in a lot of other activities—and touched several other lives. 

But Mustangs what I I will speak to that.

Bill loved Hot Rods and Classic Cars....especially Mustangs.  For those of you who didn’t know, Bill owned and restored a very beautiful Mustang.  The car is in the lot outside. I invite you to take a look at it:

The attention to detail he took is a reminder of the attention he gave to his friends and fellow man.

The pride he took in his work reflects the pride he took in his family and his heritage—on another vehicle of his, he even had custom license plates that read “Camel Jockey”...

The passion he put into rebuilding his car was the same strong passion he had for life, and for staying alive.

The beauty of the car speaks to the beautiful man that was Nabil Habash.

Maybe it’s just a car....but maybe if you look closer you will see Bill.

This beautiful Green-with-green-vinyl-top 1968 Coupe will be the first car behind the limousines in the procession and driven by a family friend. At his wife Lynda’s request, it will be immediately followed by several other Mustangs from his club.  Lynda and the club agree that Bill would have liked that.

In closing, I would like to say to Lynda, and to the Habash Family, that the club is here for you—with the hope that we can give back to you as much as Bill gave to us.

We’ll miss you Bill... Rest in Peace my friend.

From BCMC's First Poker
Run - Mustang Country Stop
"Dr. Bill" Teaford
Oct 31, 2008
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